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This rank of Flight Director is Mission-Specific and refers to the ranking officer in Mission Control during the mission. The Flight Director is in charge of all Mission Control activities and is the only member of Mission Control who is permitted to authorize the Habitat to perform certain activities such as Launch or EVA.

Mission Control Commander vs. Flight Director

The Mission Control Commander is the chief Flight Director, and all Flight Directors defer to the Mission Control Commander. However, the Mission Control Commander's responsibilities extend to the planning of all Mission Control Shifts, as well as the scheduling of all Habitat shifts, whereas a Flight Director is merely in charge of overseeing a particular Mission Control Shift.

Duties and Procedures

Main article: FLIGHT Procedures

Junior Flight Director

For Mission Dragan a the position "Junior Flight Director" was added to fill a few extra shifts. These were similar to interim Flight Directors as they were mostly to fill spaces in the schedules, but were planned. The Junior Flight Directors for that mission (Zola Magwood and Jane MacLeod) each took one night shift.

Interim Flight Director

Interim Flight Directors are Mission Control staff who assume command of MC in the absence of a scheduled Flight Director. They can be surprisingly effective at commanding MC and will often become full Flight Directors in subsequent years.

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