November 7 2014

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Mini Mission

Minimission logs

Disclamer: If you are offended by the contents of these logs, we apologize profusely, they are not intended to offend anyone (mostly)

Please note that these ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY MANNER!!!

Do not edit these as these are the taken notes and they are not allowed to be changed by ANYONE

Captive's logs according to a document recovered from the wreckage of the hab:

07/11/14: (Director Hans) It truly has been a longer day than I imagined it would be. Alas, it seems that we have been hijacked by Russian terrorists. I mean, wow. What will they think of next? I returned to C and C to rescure the princes Caelia; however I don't see how any of us will survive.

Now only Wilkins and I remain. The spirits outside the Habitat whisper that Lt. Kelly is dead. I cannot say that I will mourn/regret his passing. Wilkins has built him self a shelter from blue mats and a floral umbrella (how decorative) and now cowers behind its feeble walls. I remain strong, with the princess by my side. Oh, well. We blew up. Lt. Kelly has just returned, or I myself have left the *scratched out and illegible words* realm of the living. This is the end. What great misfortune has befallen us this day. Farewell.