Jonathan Scothorn

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Jonathan scothorn.JPG
Jonathan Scothorn
Also Known As N/A
Year of Graduation 2006-07
Institution Carleton University
Current Occupation Student
Former Positions EEP Commander

Jonathan Scothorn was a member of the OCESS from 2004-05 until 2006-07. He is most notable as an elite pilot, and the first to exibit various symtoms of the Pilot's Obsessive Complusive Disorder. Aside from that, he was also very apt at fixing issues regarding the corel camera system.

Jonathan was an astronaut on three missions: Mars 2005(conscript), Prometheus(pilot), and Coronis(pilot). He also served as EEP Commander during the 2006-07 school year.


Jonathan participated in Spacesim's first UTSDC team, which took second place and best technical report.

Because of mandatory attendance of all violinists at Senior Music Night, Jonathan and Stefan De Young missed the Thursday activities of the UTSDC and took the midnight bus to Toronto. They arrived at New College Residence at 5am, where they were asked if they were vagrants. However, they were let in, and managed to sleep a few hours before staying up the whole rest of the competition to start and finish the oral presentation component of the project.