Green Water

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The Green Water being deployed to the Habitat via the water "recycling" system in the Simulator Loft.

The green water incident occurred during Mission Daedalus 2010, and was the same as the pink water incident except that the contaminated water was green. Immediately prior to this mission a new method for piping water into the habitat from the Simulator Loft had been implemented, and for a period of several hours leading up to the incident the simulators cut off all water supply to the habitat. When the water finally returned it was green, and it remained green for a period of about a day. During this time both Bryce Storey and Peter Macdonald decided to drink the water, despite Earth Station 1 having notified them that it potentially contained biological contaminants and that they would be fine if they boiled it first.

Another green water incident occurred during the 2014-15 revenge mission. The acting simmies added Tang into the water as a form of contamination. In the complete opposite direction of the intended orange water, the tang caused the copper oxide on the inside of the pipe to come of, and go into the water supply, turning the water green. Spencer Whitehead, the one responsible for the idea, proceeded to drink around 2 water bottles of the copper oxide filled water after the completion of the revenge mission, before realizing that the water had now turned green. Dr. Magwood suggested that the Tang may have acted as an oxidizing agent, and that the water should not be consumed. Unfortunately, this was after Spencer had partaken of the water. No ill effects were observed in the subject over the following weekend.