Wiki Editing Initiative Proposal

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The Wiki Editing Initiative Proposal was a proposal created in late May and early June of 2020. It is one part of the multi-faceted OCESS RTA Project. It seeks to reintroduce the tradition of editing the wiki, as well as ensure that all OCESS members are able to and are trained to edit the wiki if they are interested.


  • Learning how to use Wikitext and holding regular training sessions for others should be the responsibility of a club member, perhaps the Director of Training, Wikimaster or Education Subcommander.
  • Actual, structured wiki editing sessions should be established, perhaps at lunch time, to teach new members how to edit the wiki, and to assemble lists of incomplete or required articles, then create or complete them.
  • The wiki should become more engaging, such as the recent addition of the 'Featured Article' category encouraging members to write exceptional articles so that they can be featured on the homepage.
  • 'Wiki editing parties' proved successful in test runs, where small groups get together in a Discord call and write down every piece of OCESS-related information that they can think of in one night. Those articles are then returned to the next morning and refined.
  • Older wiki articles should be shown to new members, so that they can learn about the club's past, and the interesting and entertaining nature of the wiki. This will teach new members about the wiki's existance, so that they can learn about the club more easily, and hopefully be inspired to contribute.