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C o n t a c t M e !
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Instagram @space.bass
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Welcome to my userpage!
My name is Jamie Tait-Glossop and I am a proud member of OCESS, but if everything goes according to plan, you should know that already. My favourite part about OCESS are the people, so if I haven't gotten to be your friend yet, feel free to message me on Discord or Instagram, or send me an E-Mail!

About Me

I am currently a student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute. I study the Contrabass with local music legend Joel Quarrington and one of his Master's students. I am hoping to attend Ottawa University for Music Education, so that I can teach at the High School level. Beyond that, I want to get a PhD in composition! (A non-science PhD! Who'd've thunk?) I love it here in Ottawa, so I'm planning to stick around. Maybe I'll swing around to some worksessions after I've graduated! I love music, so I'm very active in the Lisgar musical community. If I'm not in room 414, you can probably find me in the Strings Room, jamming out with my friends or messing around at the piano. I'm a very social person, so if you're shy, want to chat with someone, or need help with something, I'm your guy! I might not always have the answer to your question, but chances are I know someone who does.

Fun Facts

  • I'm a published composer on IMSLP!
  • I'm a summer camp counsellor at Camp Woolsey! That's where I found out about OCESS back in 2017!
  • I know all of the lyrics to the Johnny Test theme song, for better or for worse
  • I once got hit by a car on a Quickie Run, but I still do them (I'm not smart)
  • I got a 'World's best Grandpa' mug for Secret Santa and it's all I'll ever drink out of anymore
  • I sing in the shower, especially if others can hear me
  • I make Photoshops when I'm bored