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The Proposal for Wiki Archival was a proposal created in late May and early June of 2020. It is one part of the multi-faceted OCESS RTA Project. It seeks to encourage OCESS alumni and members to work together to complete parts of the wiki that detail events beyond recent memory. It also seeks to reintroduce old aspects of the club, such as experiments, EEPs and outreach.


  • A list of needed, incomplete or inadequate wiki articles that are from previous years should be compiled and organized by year or amount of work required. This should be made available on the Facebook, Discord and Classroom, so that anyone who has relevant understanding can contribute.
  • Creating a wiki account should be less confusing and clearly outlined on all social media, as well as the wiki itself. Many of the club's older alumni do not have wiki accounts or have forgotten their old information and so it should be accessible for them to create new accounts.
  • Articles that are especially in need of contributions should have to-do lists made and posted on the page, so that people can know exactly what they can contribute. Being told to just 'edit the wiki' is rarely an effective call to action.
  • An in-depth tutorial on Wikitext editing should be created and posted on the wiki in an easy to access location.
  • People should talk to alumni as much as possible about experiments and technology from previous missions, so they can be documented and potentially used in the future.
  • Articles on EEPs should be prioritized, and alumni should be encouraged to contribute not just the procedures of old EEPs, but suggestions for new ones.