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NETWORK is the Network Administrator, who ensures proper sync between Mission Control and Habitat software. NETWORK is a common staff position, and as such is found in both Mission Control and in the Habitat.

Preparing the Network

These tasks should be accomplished by a Mission Control NETWORK officer prior to any mission

  • Create a list of which computer will run which software during the Mission
  • On Fu in the Simulator Loft, find "My Network Places"
  • Verify that all computers to be used have a mapped network drive in this location
    • e.g. X:\Orbit on Cassini
    • Note that the "drive letter" for this example is "X"
  • Click each drive to activate it
  • On Fu's desktop, start SERVER and proceed with SERVER Procedures


  • You will be prompted to give the letter corresponding to several mapped network drives
  • Press Enter to keep the previous setting


If any item in the list is Red
  • Identify which piece of software is at issue
  • Verify that the network drive that SERVER is using for that software is mapped to the correct computer
    • If SERVER is pointing to the incorrect drive, restart SERVER, and enter the correct drive letter when prompted
  • Verify that the mapped network drive is activated in My Network Places.
    • If the drive has not been activated, activate it by double clicking it.



The current version of the software is ORBIT5S.


A full set of software should be available at C:\Orbit\ on all Spacesim PCs.

Alternatively, the software can be downloaded from Dr. Magwood's Website


If a full set of software is not found on a single PC at Spacesim
  • Notify the Engineering Commander
  • Preserve any save files
  • Delete the partial set
  • Copy a full set from another PC over the network
If a full set cannot be found on any PC at Spacesim

Software Set

The following is a list of all programs contained in the current version of the Software along with their associated station.

Station Program Name
AUXCOM Windows Net Meeting
Table incomplete