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These members have not been asked for permission on whether or not they want pages about them on the Wiki. Do not edit their pages until they grant permission to do so.

If you know any of these members, please ask them about this, so that they can be moved to {{NoUserPermission}} or to {{User Permission}}.

Boilerplate Email

Send this email to a NoInfo user, so that they can be assessed for NoUserPermission or UserPermission
Replace all of the bolded text before sending

Greetings MemberName,

I've noticed that your member page on the Wiki has been tagged with the NoInfo template. What this means is we're holding off on publishing your valued contributions to Spacesim in our online repository of sim history and lore until we can get your permission to do otherwise.

Your member page is located at: URL
And the associated tag is at: URL of Talk Page

For reference, a more complete member page might look like <a href=>this</a>.

Some members have expressed privacy concerns, and have requested that we not make them member pages. For these members, we have reduced their member page to a member box, which includes their grade (or year of graduation), school, and any leadership positions they may have held at Spacesim. No picture is included. We also change the NoInfo tag on their talk page to reflect the fact that they have requested not to have a member page.

While we do not make full member pages for these people, it is important to note that your contributions to Spacesim may have been noted, albeit more impersonally, on other pages of the wiki. For instance, your name will be included on the <a href=>List of Spacesim Members</a> and will be included on the <a href=>year page</a> for any years you might have been a part of Spacesim if you were a commander, astronaut, or on a task force.

It is our sincere hope that you give us permission to create a member page for you, so that we might preserve the memory of Spacesim forever, and inspire the next generation of simmies to aspire to your greatness. Perhaps you'd even like to get the article started yourself! If so, please contact the the Spacesim webmaster, so that you can have an account set up.

Regardless of your decision, it is important that you respond to this email, so that we might respect your wishes in this matter.

Thank you,

Wiki Task Force

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