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If you ever run out of ideas for new task forces or how to improve Sim, check the idea bank for inspiration.

Public Relations

  • Draft a comprehensive funding document that we can send to businesses and organizations to get them to donate to Spacesim.
  • Modernize the ancient EEPs and Planetariums documents to be an effective letter that we can actually deliver to Ottawa schools.


  • Replace the habitat keyboards with control panels, to be mounted on the walls or shelves near the computers in C&C.
  • Extremely infeasible! Install heaters/coolers to simulate which side of the Habitat is facing the sun and other environmental stuff. Planned for implementation in 2008-09, but other priorities won out.
  • Replace current Hardware\Computer interfaces (serial port) with Arduino or other microcontrollers


  • Port the software to a more versatile and accessible programming language so that Dr. Magwood doesn't have to do all of the programming himself.
  • Modernize the training documents that are stored in text, make them easier to read and to follow, and make them more publicly available. For an example, see the Launch to Orbit Intercept documents currently on the Spacesim Office wall.

Journalism and Sim

  • Work with Lisgawrite and AVA to create daily briefs on the status of the mission to disseminate to the school and/or professional news media.

Video Tutorials

Record basic tutorials to free up training time and ensure completeness of presentation. For example

  • A video of cold staring procedure as well as why cold starting
  • A video of opening up a Cat5 cable, explaining what the contents are, and then networking two computers
  • A video of starting the server software on Fu and correctly configuring the network
  • A video of the Hab being launched into a stable orbit

General Abstract Improvement

  • Bring back the concept of a Robotic Mission, write a mission plan to actually successfully carry one out

General Practical Improvement

  • Replace the Simulator Loft floor with easier to clean, less splintery tiles