Alex Ghosh

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Alex Ghosh is one of the most well-known alumni. He was mission commander during the year when OCESS was almost shut down. He was instrumental, with the help of his mother (who was active in the community and got the media involved in the issue), in the fight to keep OCESS open. In the 2004-05 and 2005-06 school years, Alex often visited at work sessions to pass on his knowledge of "the way it used to be" to the generation that has joined after the double cohort. During the 2005-06 mission, he also took supervision duties and was very helpful in making sure that MC knew what they were doing and procedures were followed.

Perhaps due to his involvement with the fight to keep OCESS open in the face of "safety hazards", Alex Ghosh is known to be somewhat paranoid when it comes to safety accidents and things that might be considered potentially "dangerous" in the eye of the board. This manifested itself when, during the 2005-06 mission, the fire alarm sounded and the simulation had to alpha evacuate the building. Alex Ghosh went through the room to check if all was in order and that Spacesim did not cause the fire alarm, due to the concern that if it were related to Spacesim's activities, OCESS might fact shut-down threats again.