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The Director of Web and Archives, colloquially termed the Webmaster, manages the day to day activities of the OCESS website and its sub-domains: spacesim.org, forums.spacesim.org, and wiki.spacesim.org.


The Webmaster is a Director in the 2010-11 administration. The Webmaster currently has an ambiguous rank within the Administration hierarchy of 2009-10 and before. The Webmaster is generally a senior rank, as the Webmaster presided over and outranked the Wikimaster (Which is no longer a position). Although sometimes officially classified as a Director and sometimes as a Subcommander, the Webmaster is between these two levels. This was seen as one of the major reasons that a hierarchy change was necessary, and one of the reasons for the 2010 Proposal to Change the Hierarchy. For the 2010-11 year, the position's responsibilities were temporarily split to create the position Archivemaster.

Source of Power

The webmaster derives his or her power primarily from FTP access to the server that hosts spacesim.org, lisgar.ca, and lisgar.net. This power is granted to the new webmaster annually by Daniel Kekez upon application by that year's Mission Commanders or Admiral on behalf of the new webmaster.

Webmaster Positions

Webmaster Supervisor

The webmaster supervisor is in charge of the two webmaster sub positions, the wiki master and the website master, and is the only one with the ftp access to the Lisgar Alumni servers. This position is currently held by Ryan Torrington-Smith.

Wiki Master

The wiki master makes sure that the spacesim wiki is kept up to date and accurate. This position is currently held by Jonah Hamer-Wilson.

Website Master

The website master oversees the spacesim website located at spacesim.org. This position is currently held by Ivan Fonseca.