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Admiral [[{{{admiral}}}]]
Mission Commander [[{{{mc}}}]]
Deputy Mission Commander [[{{{mclt}}}]]
Education Commander [[{{{ed}}}]]
Deputy Education Commander [[{{{edlt}}}]]
Webmaster Supervisor [[{{{wmSup}}}]]
Wikimaster [[{{{wmWik}}}]]
Website Master [[{{{wmWeb}}}]]
Director of Flight Training [[{{{trainF}}}]]
Director of Sim Training [[{{{trainS}}}]]
Director of ENG/EECOM Training [[{{{trainE}}}]]
Director of Resources Supervisor [[{{{ResourceS}}}]]
Director of Resources Office [[{{{ResourceO}}}]]
Director of Resources Keplernicus [[{{{ResourceK}}}]]
Mission Patch: TBD
Mission Name [[{{{mission}}}]]
Mission Destination {{{destination}}}
Mission Dates {{{dates}}}
Location [[{{{location}}}]]
Membership TBD