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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

Informal Directors are honorary positions granted as a joke or in reward for a noteworthy act. Informal Directors may or may not have any power in a field of expertise.

Current Positions

Director of Space

Nick Paquin

Director of Bad-Ass

Title bestowed upon Dawn Seburn during the Revenge Mission 2013-14 for an impressive display of combat prowess when invading Mission Control from the Habitat.

Director of Complaints

Title granted to the member who collects and reads Hurt Feelings Reports. Currently Dawn Seburn.

Director of Shaq-Full

Title granted to the member with the highest win streak in Shaq-Fu. Currently Spencer Whitehead.

Director of Wishes

Title granted to the commander in charge of the SWAC. Currently Matthew MacDonald.

Director of Visual Novels

Title granted to the member with the most visual novels played. Currently Spencer Whitehead.

Director of Anime

Arbitrarily given to Spencer Whitehead for relinquishing the position of Director of Wishes to Matthew Macdonald.

Director of Everything There Isn't a Director For

Title permenantly granted to Spencer Whitehead to ensure that there is always somebody in charge of something.