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Admiral Jim Magwood
Mission Commander Benjamin Wilkins
Deputy Mission Commander Emily Clarke
Education Commander Hannah Delion
Deputy Education Commander Helen Engelhardt
Webmaster Supervisor Ivan Fonseca
Wikimaster Ivan Fonseca
Website Master Ivan Fonseca
Director of Flight Training ?
Director of Sim Training ?
Director of ENG/EECOM Training ?
Director of Resources Supervisor ?
Director of Resources Office ?
Director of Resources Keplernicus ?
Mission Patch: TBD
Mission Name Blue Dawn 2017
Mission Destination ?
Mission Dates Febuary 21-25
Location 440 Albert
Membership TBD


Previous Year This Year Next Year
2015-16 2016-17 2017-18

Task Forces

Back-up Comms
Leader Phlox Todd
Purpose Install a reliable communication system to be used when Mumble is non-functional or not available.
Members Emily

Hab Interactables
Leader Ryan Torrington-Smith
Purpose Create interactive components for the Habitat that can be used to simulate/repair malfunctions.
Members Helen, Ivan

Website Dev
Leader Ivan Fonseca
Purpose Modernizing and improving the website.
Members Spencer, Jared, Ryan, Patrick

Leader Jared Kelly
Purpose Reconstruct the planetary surface from scratch.
Members The Spaghetti

Leader Benjamin Wilkins
Purpose Train people.
Members Erdem, Jibrael, everyone else.

Leader Emily Clarke
Purpose Make the rover operational and mission-ready.
Members Ivan

Dust Filters
Leader Helen Engelhardt
Purpose Add dust filters in each room that interact with the software.
Members Ivan, Liam

EVA Suits
Leader Thomas Roach
Purpose Make new, improved EVA suits.
Members Toby Armstrong, Ivan Fonseca